by MS4script
Preface & Copyright
Getting started
Demos Simple
02- Declarations
03- Instructions
Conditions if,do,while..
String functions Str..()
Get + Include functions Get, Include..
Date-Time Day, Time, Year.
Formulas Complex
04- Database
Connector Ado, Odbc, Dsn, SAP, Ms4
Connect DB Create, delete
Import DataSource Import, Consolidation
Administration Admin, User
05- Sql-Query
Query Form : BTS,SHOW
Grid option
06- Charts
Forms Show, Win, Image, Excel, Morris...
Pie Std, Donut, 3D...
Bar Std, Stack, Line, Area, Plot
QrCode, Gauge
Step, Stock...
,Google,Leaflet... GeoMap
07- Dashboard
Form tab, no tab
Responsive UI
08- Report
Report Hierarchy
Report Design
09- Filters
Dialogue + Call
10- Menus
Menu Design
Menu Frameset
Menu Special
11-UI : Responsive
Tables Responsive,Frame,position
List Group
Panel Header, body, Footer
Button Button, Progress Bar
Icon & Button
Collapse Group, Panel
12- Encryption
13- Windows
Picture, Frame, Button..
14- Cloud.
Account Open
15- Css, html, Php, js.
Insert Native language Begin_sw..End_Sw
16-Install + tools.
Installation & Configuration This Menu
Generate Native... Php, Html, js..
Code Generator Ms4 Script
MarkDown Ms4 Script
Source Code Menu Help This Menu
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MS4BI for Windows & Internet : Dynamic SQL & Query & Data & Charts
Reports, UI & Excel Consolidation..

HELP 2019 : Chapter 16 : INSTALLATION and TOOLS

MS4BI - Ultra Light, Ultra Simple, Ultra Agile, Responsive

Source code generator for PHP,JS,HTML and EXCEL,XML,CSV,TXT,DOC :

The main aim of the language is to allow web developers or end users to write dynamically generated web pages quickly in PHP, HTML, or Java Script.

MS4BI also enables the generation of PHP, HTML, JS sources and databases.

Every time an MS4 script is run, the system automatically generates the web scripts.

Directory : DRIVER:\MondaySoftware\MS4BI\Winserver\www\mondaychart

Note to investors : future versions of MS4BI/MS4SCRIPT will be able to include and promote all of the free graphics libraries, open source Charts, or PHP extensions among others ###b+c

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Our purpose : Keep it simple !

written with ms4script
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